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    I. School Supported Virtual Story Program/$300.00 Per Grade Level/30-45 Minute Sessions 

    You choose the platform, and Mama Koku will be there!
    Whether Zoom, Google Meet, Go to Meeting etc. Unlimited Screens Per Grade Level                                            

    2. Home School or Community Story Program/$200.00  Limit 25 screens/45 Minutes Sessions                                 

    Whether you're a group of Home Schoolers, Girl Scouts, Neighbors ora group of cousins. Mama Koku knows it's more fun when all of you can experience something together


    3. Early Learning Center Virtual Storytime with Puppets!/$200.00/Limit 100 Screens/40 minute Sessions                                           


    4. Single Family Home Study: $75.00 /Limit 2  Screen/30 minute session

    5. In School Live Remote/ $300.00 Per Grade Level/50 Minute Sessions
    Many schools have remote capabilities set up in their Media Centers. They are usually used for students to share school news and announcements at the beginning and end of the day. Mama Koku's Story Time can be broadcast to all of your students!

    6. All Day with Mama K: In Person In School Program
    (w/Safety A Priority) Inside or Outdoors
    One Grade Level Daily $500.00 for Each Day
    *School provides temperature check upon Koku's arrival
    Large enough space for 6 ft Social Distancing between students
    Sanitized mats are laid out. Students sanitize hands upon entrance
    Children remain masked at all times
    Limit 10-13 students per session
    30 minutes per session
    10 minute Sanitize Time between session
    Sessions may run from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

    7. In Person PreK- Storytime: $300.00/30 Minute Sessions
    Inside or Out-Doors/ 10 students Per Session

     8. Virtual Birthday: $150.00 limit 20 screens

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    Thank You for your interest in Mama Koku Stories. You will be contacted in 24-48 hrs.