Koku’s Karamu

The word karamu is an African Kiswahili word meaning, “feast”.  So sit down and get ready for some really delicious stories.

Seven Continents Seven Stories
All cultures create stories. We’ll travel to each continent and grab a popular folktale.

A for Anansi, B for Brer Rabbit, C for Coyote; Tricky! Tricky! Tricky!
These stories feature some wonderful tricksters in their trickiest stories.

Koku’s Kwanzaa
I bring the set up, (candles, kinara…etc..) You bring your community. (All ages)

A is for Africa ,the Ashanti & Anansi!
Whether man or spider, this popular folklore character is good for great stories, great lessons and great fun. (All Ages)

Around the World in Stories
This series of tales takes the audience from Africa, to Europe, to Asia,The Islands and The Americas, Everybody and every culture has a story to tell. (All Ages).

From Freedom to Slavery to Freedom
An assortment of true and fictional stories that explore the Black experience from Africa to America. (Middle School to Adult)

African-American Achievers
A wonderful assorment of “mini stories” that expand from the Kings and Queens of Africa to Harriet Tubman to Maritn Luther King Jr.  to Barrack Obama. From the fields of Science, to the Arts, to Civil Rights and Politics, African-American have made their mark in all areas of human achievment.

Storytelling Workshop: Storyteller Rising
Koku teaches you to, “Run and Tell This!” A series of 12  1 ½ hour  workshops that help develop speech, confidence, oratory and creative skills. These workshops end in a culminating Storytelling Concert by participants. (Ages 8 and Up)

Once Upon A Birthday 
Mama Koku would love to come celebrate your birthday with you! She’ll bring lots of stories and you’ll be the main character in all of them!  It’s  ya birthday!


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