Stories for Social Studies!

One Continent; Many Stories! You choose the continent, and I’ll choose the stories to share! We’ll talk about the language, the culture,the traditions, and act all of the stories! (see 7 continents 7 stories under “Most Popular” for another great option)

A Story Surrounded By Water:  These stories have a common ingredient; H20!  Splash into these Island Stories and find out why mermaids, whales, and fish make great main characters.


Stories for Language Arts!

Jump in a Book; Live in A Story! I’ll send a list! You choose 2 stories! We’ll act out the stories and identify the beginning, middle and end, along with the plot, setting and character.

Tall Tales, Legends, Myths!  There are many genres of story! We’ll discuss the characteristics of each. Then we’ll act out the stories. Then we’ll see if we can identify which story was what!

Folktale, Fairy Tale, Fable!  Three more types of stories to explore! Students discuss differences and similarities of each, and act them out!

Bro’ Rabbit! Dat You?  We may think this trickster was born  in the south, but his roots are deep in Africa. We compare and contrast. Who do you think came first? Bro Rabbit? or Bugs Bunny? Anansi? or Spider Man?


Stories with S.T.E.A.M!

SOLAR SYSTEM STORY: It’s not Mama Koku!  It’s Dr. Supra Nova!  She’s a super sensational scientist whose spending  ready to tell her story about the Solar System!  Fulton County Schools may book with The Teaching Museums. (All others contact Koku)

THE LIVING & NON-LIVING STORY:  It’s not Mama Koku! It’s Dr. Livy Livingstein who wants to share her story of how she learned about Living and Non-Living Things! Fulton County Schools may book with the Teaching Museum. (All others contact Koku)

THE WEATHER STORY: It’s not Mama Koku! It’s Dr. Stormy Weathers.  She wants to share her story of how she learned about the making of  the weather!

SISTERS CELLULAR:  It’s not Mama Koku! It’s Dr. Cecilia Cellars. She wants to share her story of how she learned about Cell Theory!